Energy Efficiency We save energy and we produce what we need ourselves.

Prioritizing energy efficiency is a fundamental aspect for an event venue to obtain certification with the Austrian Ecolabel. We have addressed this issue and are continually working towards reducing our energy consumption. With the new, large Photovoltaic system on the roof, we are producing a lot of green energy ourselves.

“Energy efficiency is a measure of the energy required to achieve a specified result.” As complicated as the definition may sound, the concept is quite simple: the less energy we need in order to achieve a result, the more efficient and therefore better off we are. In the Ferry Porsche Congress Center, we are very energy efficient and have taken a number of implementation steps to achieve this.

Every single light in the Ferry Porsche Congress Center was converted to modern LED technology through an elaborate process. But that's not all, in cooperation with our technology partner, Evants, we have also converted the entire lighting system for events to energy-saving LEDs. One can imagine how great the potential for energy efficiency is.

Nevertheless, a significant amount of energy is still required to operate of the entire Ferry Porsche Congress Center facility. Our in-house PV system, which was installed on the roof during the summer of 2022, has contributed significantly to producing a large portion of this energy. The system consists of 410 state-of-the-art modules, which corresponds to a PV area of ​​787 m². This means that 160 kWp of energy can be generated on the roof, approximately the energy requirements of 60 households. We consume up to 40% of this energy ourselves, while approximately 60% is fed into the public grid or made available directly in the region via our energy community.

Interesting Facts About Our Energy Efficiency:


  • Our 787 m2 PV area corresponds to the size of 1 ½ tennis courts
  • With the energy we generate, 60 households could cover their energy requirements
  • Thanks to an intelligent consumer concept, we use ½ of the energy ourselves
  • Our PV area corresponds to that of approximately 25 single-family houses
  • By switching to LED lighting, we save 74% of the energy needed for the lighting system

With our comprehensive measures for energy efficiency and resource conservation, we are setting standards within the event industry. Receiving the Austrian Ecolabel has served as confirmation that we are on the right path.

If you would like to join us on this path, we are the ideal location for your event. We look forward to your inquiry! If you have any questions or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you by phone or email: +43 6542 474750 or