Background & History Modern and innovative architecture in the traditional Alpine town, Zell am See

The planners and builders of the FPCC have set a strong example. As in many small alpine towns, traditional architecture and building styles are highly valued in Zell am See. It is, however, possible to introduce modern structures that blend seamlessly into the traditional environment and create appealing contrasts – the FPCC exemplifies this achievement.

Perfect Metamorphosis

It took only 14 months to create the modern Ferry Porsche Congress Center in Zell am See’s city center. At the end of 2005, the ambitious project could only be imagined, but in September 2007, the grand opening had already taken place! The innovative house owes its creation to many visionary forces within the region, however the architects of the congress center were of German origin.

"Perler and Scheurer" and their colleagues from "Giesecke and Schetter" two experienced German Architectural companies, supervised the project. Regional companies such as HV-Bau and Eurofunk Kappacher implemented the plans. Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, son of the deceased namesake, already knew at the groundbreaking ceremony in May 2006: "The Congress Center will be another exquisite detail adding to the diversity of the region."

The Name

Ferry Porsche, son of the automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche, was the mastermind behind the luxury car brand Porsche. Even today, the typical design of the 356 model that he created serves as a reference for the current models. His creativity, pioneering spirit, and search for new challenges are what connect the late ‘honorary citizen of Zell am See’ with our Congress Center. Instead of a
monument, the FPCC was created and has since been synonymous with Ferry Porsche's ideas and values: top-notch work, innovative concepts, and a source of inspiration in the middle of the Alpine city of Zell am See.

From the Past to the Future

During the planning phase, it was already clear that the Ferry Porsche Congress Center would become a cutting-edge building in the heart of Zell am See. Where tradition and history blend into the natural beauty of the landscape, there is also room for innovation, pioneering spirit, and future viability. As the center of our sustainable tourism region, we demonstrate a strong commitment to climate protection, energy efficiency, and resource conservation, and will continue to move our region forward towards a sustainable future.

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