Organic Catering Catering and Event Services with Passion

An event is only as good as the culinary experiences that accompany it, especially in a region known for its high-quality cuisine like Pinzgau. With our catering partner ‘Chef Partie’, we are able to showcase the regional culinary specialties in a unique way, providing your event with the gastronomic foundation it deserves.


Founder Andreas Birngruber is distinguished by his absolute reliability, punctuality, high level of advisory expertise, and contemporary mindset. Chef Partie is certified organic and holds the Austrian Ecolabel, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. As such, the company and its entire team align perfectly with the vision of the Ferry Porsche Congress Center, and we are proud to have Chef Partie as our exclusive organic catering partner.

Culinary delights in Harmony with Nature

Nature is our stage! We are dedicated to offering Pinzgau's culinary delicacies to our guests and clients in their purest, authentic form. Chef Partie creates gastronomic experiences in harmony with nature and has received multiple awards for it. Together with a team of devoted employees, they are committed to promoting sustainability in the industry and exemplify a respectful approach to food, nature, and people.

Chef Partie - the 100% Caterer

100% organic | 100% seasonal & regional | 100% local pride | 100% enjoyment & taste, and 100% organic certified. With these keywords, Chef Partie sums up everything that makes them one of our top partner companies. Transparency is particularly important, as we would like our guests to know and taste the origins of our products, which are sourced locally from the region. We fully support, embrace and 100% adhere to ‘buying local’.

"For us, a feeling of home is synonymous with hearty, wholesome cuisine. We rely on the quality of local producers and partners for our basic ingredients and a variety of raw products. Although we can create culinary specialties from every geographic region in the world, nothing impresses us more than regional organic diversity."

If you share our belief that regional organic catering is an essential part of successful and sustainable events, we look forward to hearing from you! We welcome any inquiries you may have and can be reached by phone at +43 6542 474750 or by email at