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A multi-functional space combined with cutting-edge technology allows us to tailor the interior of the Congress Center to meet all of your event requirements. The 1,360 m² of space can be divided to form up to eight separate units and can accommodate as many as 1,200 people. Our highlight: the 800 m² outdoor open area with direct access to the pedestrian zone of Zell am See - offering breathtaking views of the Hohe Tauern mountain range!

From your arrival to departure, everything has been meticulously planned and organized. If you decide not to utilize public transportation to reach FPCC, you can park your vehicle in any of the 400 underground parking spaces. It's the little details that make the FPCC an excellent event location. For example, the stairs commonly found between the stage and delivery area have been replaced with a flat surface, facilitating the quick and effortless setup of equipment and props.

Facts, Plans, Important Information

It's often the small details and nuances that make a big difference. Are you interested in the technicalities such as door widths, number and location of power outlets, or the characteristics of the lighting and sound system when planning your event? We have summarized all of the important information to help you plan your event. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on being pragmatic in our approach. We will provide you with clear and concise answers to all of your questions without any unnecessary complications. This is what makes the difference and sets us apart.

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The Stage is Ready for Your Event

Our top-notch technology partner from the Salzburg region, Evants, is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of the technology aspect of your event. We pride ourselves on our efficient communication and collaboration with them. We guarantee a 100% commitment to providing top-quality sound and lighting, film production, and other technical requirements for your event. Along with our in-house technician, the technology team ensures the seamless execution of your event.

Evants is your comprehensive solution for events, delivering an extensive array of cutting-edge event technology services for projects of any size. Ranging from lighting, sound, and video technology to hybrid events, Evants will accompany you throughout the entire technical journey, from conceptualization to realization - always adapting to fulfill your needs, with a personal touch. Whether it's corporate gatherings, seminars, conferences, digital streaming events, or diverse occasions like balls, weddings, stage performances, clubbing, or even multi-day functions, Evants will breathe life into your event!

Your Contact for Event Technology at FPCC: 

Ralf Caspary - Technician

Phone: +43 664 78714620  |  Mail:

A Summary of the Data, Facts, and Technology:

  • The FPCC has a total area of 1,360 m² available for your event

  • This space can be divided into 8 separate units to provide maximum flexibility

  • With a maximum occupancy of 1,200 people, we have the capacity to host large-scale events

  • The 800 m² of outdoor space in front of FPCC provides a stunning setting with breathtaking views, perfect for inspiring your guests

If you're impressed by the quality of our technology and the unparalleled, innovative space available for your events at FPCC, we look forward to receiving your inquiry! For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to call us at +43 6542 474750 or email us at