Virtual Tour

The Ferry Porsche Congress Center kicked off the year 2020 with an innovation, a new Virtual Reality (VR) tool. This software provides customers with the opportunity to explore and experience the FPCC through a virtual tour.


The RED BOX is our spacious event venue, capable of accommodating up to 800 people. With versatile seating arrangements and innovative space design, the Red Box can be customized in up to 12 different ways to perfectly meet your preferences and requirements. Our state-of-the-art technology in the Red Box includes top-notch sound and lighting systems, cutting-edge presentation technology, and a large LED wall, allowing for endless possibilities.

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The GREEN BOX is the foyer area in front of the Red Box, spanning an area of 235 m². The Green Box serves as an excellent networking area and can also be seamlessly integrated as part of the Red Box, thanks to its moveable walls. Alongside its notable technical features and impressive views of the Ferry Porsche Congress Center's forecourt, the Green Box offers a captivating atmosphere for catering events, exhibitions, vernissages, or marketplace formats that emphasize networking and casual conversations.


The BLUE BOX refers to our smaller rooms located adjacent to the Red Box, which provide excellent opportunities for break-out sessions or workshops. In total, we offer 5 rooms ranging in size from 40 to 93 m², accommodating up to 50 people each through various seating and organizational arrangements. The Blue Box is equipped with technology on par with our standards. With U-shaped seating or flexible workshop set-ups, we can create fantastic and adaptable working environments.